About A HUG

ALEX HENKES is the face behind A HUG COLLECTION. Born in the heart of Madrid with a multicultural background she has spent the last years travelling through the capitals of Europe gathering knowledge and inspiration.

Having studied at CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS and PARSONS PARIS, she finally graduated with honors in fashion design from MARANGONI LONDON and MANCHESTER METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY. Her graduate collection was praised by the world of fashion and press for its intricate use of fabrics and its futuristic character. The work of Alex has always been highlighted by its social or environmental issues, which dealt with the mixture of cultures, possible consequences of the extinction of natural resources, immigration…

After graduating from MARANGONI LONDON, Alex returned to her city, Madrid, to start her professional career. She has worked as fashion designer in the luxury industry for brands such as DEL POZO and SYBILLA, including learning the secrets of Spanish embroidery in bullfighter suit ateliers such as CASA FERMIN.

With an eye on the future, looking for sustainable alternatives for the fashion industry, Alex founded A HUG COLLECTION in 2016. At A HUG COLLECTION she tries not only to give a second chance to discarded garments but also to reconnect those garments through the love and affection of the hug, with new owners and new stories. Reinventing the hug into clothing, A HUG COLLECTION produces garments under a sustainable philosophy in which reuse, redesign and recycling predominate.

For this reason A HUG COLLECTION works with handpicked second hand clothing in combination with 100% recycled textiles or GOTS certified fabrics, giving special importance to the quality of the materials. As for production, A HUG COLLECTION bets on a local product, made by and for locals, betting on the brand Spain.

Alex is currently finishing her master's degree in Sustainable Fashion at ESMOD Berlin. Alex is constantly looking for new solutions and innovations to mitigate the damage caused by the fashion industry and to make A HUG COLLECTION a reference in new up-cycling technologies and sustainability.